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    I've played Assassin's creed for a while till memory block 5, and then I had my HD formatted. So I lost all data, but I had all my save files (.sav, .opt, .map) on my external HD. Now I reinstalled everything and putted the save games back in directenory.
    C:/documents and settings/all users/application data/ubisoft/assassin's creed/saved games
    I created 'saved games'myself. (Since it wasn't there after I launced the game once.

    But when I launch the game, there still isn't anything to see from my save games.

    What am I doing wrong? I really don't wanna start all over.

    Thanx already
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    The name. Rename it to

    Saved Games

    Then make sure the number of the new profile matches, and is the same on all:

    they all should carry the same number

    that you can copy from your saved profile.
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    What do u mean by profile number? Where can I find the name that the .opt, etc.. files need to have?

    Kinda confused, thanx already tho
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    Launch the game.
    Create profile (with same name as you previously had).
    Play a little in the game, then save your game.

    Exit game.

    go to
    C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Ubisoft/Assassin's Creed/Saved Games/
    There you see the 4 files, they all have the same number (sticking to the profile you just created).

    Rename the files in your backup so they get the same number. Then copy and paste them to overwrite the new save you just made.

    Do NOT change the name of the folder. You typed all lower case letters while in fact the folder is named Saved Games.
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    hi there, My copy of blackflag is not saving the game automatically. what should I do?
    Thanks in advance to everyone who help
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