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Thread: Forget HAMACHI AND GARENA Get TUNNGLE | Forums

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    theres a new boy in town

    Had problems hosting or seeing games through hamachi, fed up of servers crashing and poor servers.
    then this is for you, it works on all windows versions and even works on my windows 7 64
    this as been set up for gammers unlike hammachi
    and is install and play with no effort or problems.
    there is a downside the client at present is mostly in German, allthough the developers say they are working on a english interface, dont let this put you off though , its very simple to install and set up, i was going to write a guide but found one on the net any way heres the link this vpn will allow upto 255 people to play at once limited to 8 at the moment by hawx but its possible, the hawx rooms are listed in the Action folder,
    oh yea if you have hamachi installed on your pc , you will have to remove it first
    any questions please ask
    this looks real good guys

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    anybody givven this a go yet?

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    Welcome to the forums but please try to not double post or bump threads. Thanks!
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    and hi to you too,
    was not bumping was looking for other gamers feedback as this service is in beta
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    Honestly, I'm not going to use tungle, I use Hamachi and it works fine for me and my friends with Hawx and a variety of other games. I'm not going to fix what's not broken. But it's cool to have a choice, thanks.
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    Agreed but for those who have had problems with Hamachi like myself, this is perfect, but yea choice is good
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    ok 2 things:

    1. I didn't uninstall Hamachi and tunngle still installed.

    2. For the league you can't really have 1 thing that some people use then another thing other people use. We have to decide on something and go with it really.
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    in reply too your 2 things
    1, i would recomend you uninstall hamachi, as its another network adapter and i can see it possibly conflicting, if it works great , but it a recomendation.
    2, we has Hosts will be recomending Tunggle for wars,of course not everyone will have or want to use this therfore Hamachi and UBI servers may be used. what you use is up too you, if your hosting.

    Thanks for your comments
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    After actually using tunngle I've got to say that i'm pretty impressed with it, it was easy to setup (despite being a different language) and worked right away. The UI is minimalistic and smooth, unlike Garena.

    Both Garena and Tunngle work better than Hamachi, and are easier to setup. I have all 3 installed and they all work. But, I can see either Garena or Tunngle as being more practical for match play.

    Ubi's own online mode is very flaky right now. I can't get a decent game in without being disconnected... So I recommend we just build up the communities on either tunngle or garena, to continue smooth online play. I'm tired of waiting for Ubi to fix it.
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    I agree, at first I was totally against the idea of splitting the community with all those virtual LAN tools. After trying Tunngle, I loved it right away.
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