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    Will there be more details on multiplayer surfacing before the beta or is the community just going
    to have to wait and find out ourselves .
    Is there Any questions that have been asked that made the developers go back and add or remove
    details /game modes / online preferences.

    Why no multiplayer videos only co op and single player .
    why is there such a lack of info and it just comes in bits nothing solid has been seen for multiplayer .
    is there a cross com that lets you see what your team mates see .
    is there a find clan match setting like in graw 2 that was never used because of public rooms .
    And is this why we will just be playing with randomers like cod unless there's a clan setting in game.
    How is the chat going to work within your team of 8 when your split into 2 groups of 4 .
    A picture of a lobby or a picture of lobby options would be something to go on .
    Is there a veto map/kick in the lobby .

    I might be on my own here.but the lack of multiplayer info gives me nothing to look forward too
    only single player and coop which will only be from the info on the game be ten hours .

    Graw 1 graw 2 , years of gameplay where's my incentive for grfs .
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    Posted that on my iPhone sorry it looks cack but I'm sure it makes a point and asks some questions.
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    Originally Posted by AI.BLUEFOX Go to original post
    Will someone, Antoine, anyone, answer the man's question?

    Will you be able to limit lives in a private game?
    This is not a difficult question, Antoine. If you can't say then just say that.
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    will u be able to turn off what u want and turn on what u want like the graw series in multiplayer and private. i wiould defintly turn off the cloak system (going invisible) that will ruin the game if u cannot turn that off. they should have seen how that worked for other games like crisis and it didnt go well. it just make campers even harder to spot out. i like it simple having great gun skills and knowing the map. that all it should be about, its ghost recon, thats what made it so great so please dont ruin it trying to throw in all thses extra things like grenades and flash bangs in this game
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    Originally Posted by AI.BLUEFOX Go to original post
    This is not a difficult question, Antoine. If you can't say then just say that.
    Antoine is a busy man , I'm sure he'll answer as soon as he can.
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    What are the system requirements in Ghost Recon Online? Performance in an online game is a biggie with me.
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush Go to original post
    Antoine is a busy man , I'm sure he'll answer as soon as he can.
    I'm sure he is busy, but 28 posts since the beginning of February and only 4 in the last week doesn't really represent much involvement here. The question was asked 2 weeks ago, and it deserves a reponse; LMS is a big issue to a lot of players.

    Rant on:

    Come on guys, you have me on Ghost Recon, I'll buy it no matter what. However, my 11 year old, 8 year old, and familly time on Kinect are where you make the most money from me. There are about 10 Ubi titles that are NOT in our collections for 360, Nintendo DS, Wii and Kinect type games, because of the Splinter Cell scam. If you want me back as a customer then start treating me like one.

    Answering questions in a reasonable time frame would be a good place to start.

    Rant off:
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    the beta

    i wanna know if the closed beta will be on consel or pc
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    Modern Warfare 3 has a lag compensation system in place which I believe doesn't work and will never work. Are you guys implementing any systems to manipulate players connections to the host? Or rather any system to combat lag, if there happens to be any?

    Also related are host protocols. Will you guys have any system in place that will pick a specific player to host a game, based on connection speed or will it be random? Will the matchmaking gather players from the same region/country, or will there be a chance to be placed with or against players from a foreign country?

    If the party lobby is limited to four players, how can 8 friends play together on the same team in public matchmaking?

    Sorry for the list. I've been a hardcore shooter gamer since Rainbow Six 3 and the best times I've had as a competitive player was in GRAW. I'm so excited for GRFS you wouldn't believe it. These questions about connectivity are things I feel strongly about and are especially affecting other franchises out there like Battlefield and Modern Warfare.

    Another question. Will there be LAN functionality?

    GRFS is looking great so far, we can't wait.
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