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    Quote Originally Posted by Maher21 View Post
    Agreed. If you are going to drop it to 6vs6, than you need to make parties sizes of 6. It only makes sense.

    I remember trying to play battlefield 1943 with 6 people and it was a complete joke. We ended up just moving to another game because it was so difficult for all of us to play together. I could see the same thing happening with this game, no matter how fun it is. If people can't play with their friends, they will find a game where they can play together
    It was originally 8v8 with 6 player parties. I think they want there to not be a full party on one side, at least for public games. I'm all for it, too, personally, because it's absolutely no fun playing against a group that obviously plays together consistently, while we're stuck with potentially idiotic team mates (or "randoms"). There should, however, be a separate play list for people who want to play against other parties (with their party). I dunno how they're working around this, but I think the 4 player party max accomodates most players, which is likely what they aimed for. Most people don't have 4-6 people to play with regularly. I understand all the aggravation, though, because it would suck to be limited by the game in such a way... but compromises had to be made in their design decisions, apparently.

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    I think down grading the players to 6v6 is a stupid move and takes away from that tactical they were looking for. When you have less players you have players running around looking for somebody to take out. When there's more players there's that feeling of being out numbered. There's that feeling of if you turn that corner too fast 9 times out of 10 there will be more than one person. With fewer players and the maps being the size that they are (they are pretty big if you've seen the MP videos) you have players running around without a care in the world. And then it just comes down to who sees who first. More players has you checking every single corner, and that's how great firefights happen. When you check that corner and there is more than one person and you can't take out all of them. Then your team comes rushing to the fight. I think they made a bad move reducing the player size.

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    They probably decreased it to 6 v 6 for connection reasons and to slow down the pace of the game. Don't forget all of the devices in game and the need for all the management with constantly changing objectives that can be affected by the teammates in the vicinity. 6 v 6 is a whole lot more manageable in terms of lag, pacing, and tactics.

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    Will there be a minimum player cap for private matches? I hate when some games enforce a minimum player count above 2 because a friend and I like to explore the maps at our own pace, without having to deal with the chaos of a full room. It's not like boosting will be an issue because there is no way to gain xp in private matches.

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    do you show up on the radar when you fire an unsuppressed weapon?

    I really hate that mechanic showing up in every single game with customization on your gun.

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    Clarification, please.

    So... I traded in my SCC, but... I have the game linked to my XBL gamertag in my Uplay account. Will I be receiving an e-mail with codes?

    I'm leaning towards the 'yes', which is pretty good news for those who traded in SCC.

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    1) Why is the max party size for going into public matchmaking 4 if the team size is 6?
    2) Will there be any kind of 'theater' mode; will we be able to watch a video playback of a previous match?
    3) Will there be any kind of clan support at all?

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    No game recording last I knew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mythistocles View Post
    1) Why is the max party size for going into public matchmaking 4 if the team size is 6?
    2) Will there be any kind of 'theater' mode; will we be able to watch a video playback of a previous match?
    3) Will there be any kind of clan support at all?
    1: Party size is now called "Fireteams" with size of 3.

    2: They said in a Q&A about 7 months ago, there is no playback but hopefully there will be something with Ghost Recon Network along those lines. Game history and heatmaps are available there.

    3: There is clan support which your clan can be managed on Ghost Recon Network as well.

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    in the multiplayer if you have a own lobby, can you do like in the GRAW and in the GRAW2 lobby put the drones and the explosions of?

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