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    We are Airgroup51 and have been around for a number of years. We fly IL2 version 4.10 with mods and fly Tues, Thur, and Sat. Thursday evening we are typically involved in an SEOW campaign against another squad. Tuesdays we fly a variety of missions. Saturday nights we train on a variety of tasks. We fly full switch with only Speedbar enabled. We ARE a USN Carrier based squadron and have both a VF and a VT Squadron. We are getting ready for our next upcoming campaign with will be a 1943 Carrier vs Carrier scenario against our rival squad. We also fly Korea era Jet Ops on occasion flying FJ's and F9F's off carriers. We are currently recruiting both Fighter Jocks and Attack Pilots.

    We also have a contingent that are learning DCS A-10 and occasionally fly modern carrier ops using FSX on off nights.

    We went through a change recently and are currently constructing a new website but have our forums running strong. We are in the planning stage of setting up a Dogfight server on Hyperlobby and have a dedicated Teamspeak server. We have about 15 active members at the moment.

    Please check us out at:

    Blue skies...
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    Also our training section consisting of Historical videos and documents as well as those we have created ourselves and borrowed from others (with their permission) are as good as anything I have seen anywhere. From gunnery to navigation to carrier ops we have it! Many of these are only available to members though we are developing a training page where the public can share in these.

    Several of our members are pilots in real life and all of our members have a lot of experience with flight/combat simming and are eager to help.
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    Thursday is the only night out of the 3 nights you fly that I could join in. Is that acceptable?
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    The training and missions are outstanding!

    Come join us!
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    Teamwork, Training and SEOW against live opponents! You'll find all this and more with the AG-51, check it out!
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    We are presently training for a SEOW in the European Theater. We need one more pilot!!
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    Looks like the squad will be playing with the Jetpack next
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