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    Hello I do not understand what you are doing, I need help with Splinter cell Chaos Theory running on windows 7. I need it step by step in order for me to understand what you want me to do. Thank You for any help you can give me.

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    Just installed Chaos Theory (from download). Have Win7. Games works OK except player walking slowwww. Patch installed. Same result. Thanks.

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    Hello! Please reupload this files i can't download it!
    Thanks in advice!

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    Post Files

    Quote Originally Posted by DoomGart View Post
    Hello! Please reupload this files i can't download it!
    Thanks in advice!
    Here are all the files you need uploaded by 'Unpopularpizza0' in another thread:

    Original post:

    I'm playing Chaos Theory online on my Windows 7 laptop now

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    Chaos Theory on WIN7 64


    I've read some posts about this problem, but from 2010...I have all the games from the Splinter Cell series and I still love to play Chaos Theory.
    The patches links on previous posts don't work anymore, and I want to know if they are still available out there? Thanks

    It's really a shame that one of the best Splinter Cell games has those restrictions...Splinter cell 1 and 2 works fine on win7 64, so it's a little confusing when you try to play the next one and it doesn't work...older is better for Ubisoft? Is that it?

    Any way, all the help you can give me is much apreciated!

    Thank you

    Nuno Daniel

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    I think it's just a matter that even when CT came out, 32-bit OS was the majority. It's when W7 came out that 64-bit was the majority.

    This is why my current rig is dual-boot with XP Pro on one (32) and Windows 7 on the other (64). If I can't play a game on Windows 7, I just install it on the XP side.

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