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    What's your take on it?

    I can't stand it when players in multiplayer constantly Halo Hop around. I think it's a strategy that works for some, but it's a bit rediculous. How realistic is it to jump all over a map? In reality, you'd be completely exhausted and wouldn't have the ability to make accurate shots. Yet, people who do it seem to be some of the most hardcore players out there.
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    Yeah, the jumping was really annoying in FC2. I'd like to see prone added too, but the thought of bunny hopping-dolphin diving enemies brings back BF2 nightmares.

    They could just add a cool down between jumps, maybe 1.5 secs. Good way to weed out the noobs too.
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    The duck n jumpers are worthless! We outlaw that as much as we can in our rooms on Pred. But without the option to kick people from the room we end up having to deal with ****s like that sometimes. I always make an announcement if we see someone doing it asking them to stop and explaining that we don't play that way and in my rooms that's not allowed, but usually they turn into a prick and refuse to leave. I have a special set of maps for people like that which I call Deservers. Usually after a few rounds on one of those they get sick of it and leave.

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    Yep same concept. I have one where they spawn in a cage underwater and repeatedly drown with no escape. Another puts them in a pit and we spawn above them with rocket launchers all around. I have another that has the ruins pillars floating in air that they spawn on with no where to go and we spawn on the edge of a cliff with sniper rifles. They either fall off and die repeatedly or get sniped off. Either way, great fun.
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