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    Map Name: <span class="ev_code_WHITE">Isla de la Muerte</span>

    Version: 1.0
    File: Isla de la Muerte_PiiPS_3430229533310294805.fc2map
    Author & Publisher: PiiPS
    Release: March 18 2011
    Platform: PC
    Size: Large (12-16 players)
    Game Modes: ALL
    Download: Strategyinformer


    - Symmetric map design for balanced teamplay
    - 2 Assault Truck (M2 .50 Cal.); 1 Jeep Liberty (APR); 1 Jeep Wrangler (UFLL)
    - 2 Swamp Boat (M-249)
    - 3 M-249's; 1 M2 .50 Cal.
    - 10 ammo crates
    - 3 Tunnels
    - highly detailed environment


    This map is evli!
    UFLL and APR were both hired by archaeologists to guard the island from curious eyes. After the scientists removed an artefact from the digsite, they suddenly vanished without a trace. Both mercenarie groups believed the island holds power beyond imagination, leaving them fighting for upper hand over the digsite. Watch your back!

    Designed for Team based game modes.

    Feedback much appreciated!


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    This looks really cool from those shots, will check it out in game soon.

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