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    Oct 2008
    I get a prompt to push, mouse 3, button before firing a weapon. I pushed everything and cant find Mouse 3. Any idea what that is?
    I am new to the game and running in tutorial mode.

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    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">If you have a "three-button" mouse, aka scrolling mouse, a mouse with a small wheel between the two buttons, that wheel is mouse button 3. It can be used to switch weapons.</span>

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    yeah, just push it straight down. It will bring up the ironsights. You can also do this with the "x" button I believe

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    Oct 2008
    Ironsights has and always will be mouse 2

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    I have ironsights set to mouse 2 with the command order on mouse 3 which works better for me.

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    yes like dunolde but its the mosuse send me a email i show you

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    I got the same response when i picked up a German 55cal machine gun,could not figure it out until i pushed Z and it
    brought the 55 cal up for firing.

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