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    So whats everyone doing tonight?

    I will be helping my 1 and a half year old niece go trick or treating. Shes going as a "Rina!" because she cant say Ballerina, its cute .

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    Oct 2004
    Keeping my like 110-120 pound german shepard from scaring the kids off lol. He is a big *** dog and he is fun to wrestle with.

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    I'll be taking advantage of the extra hour and playing games. FFXI in the morning, and once my brother's off work, we're gonna go hunt down Halo, reserve Halo2 if we still can, and then practice practice practice....

    Hopefully when Halo2 come out, I'll actually be a challenge to the FD's... but I doubt it

    Happy Halloween!

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    Lol man, you can team up with me and Vision if you want to challange the FD's because we are willing to go 2 on 7 baby (yes we are thick-headed and most likely morons hehe)

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    Sure thing!!! I'm all about possibly impossible odds!

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    <span class="ev_code_GREY">I get to ... work. -_- Completely ruins my tradition of watching Arsenic and Old Lace on Halloween. Curse these bills that need to be paid with real money!</span>

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    I'm doing...absolutely nothing. Wait, not nothing, I have a clan League match tonight in Ravenshield and we're going to whip the other team. Should be gg's and lotsa fun

    Aside from that...nothing. And me being the silly Hawaiian (we don't have DST in Hawaii), woke up early today! <span class="ev_code_PINK">*rushes to set her clock back*</span>

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    lol, I thought it was monday for about an hour and rushed to get to work and realized it was sunday

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    I think that I am going with Brookelyn to celebrate Holloween! My twin sis bought a cute outfit she wore last night, so my costume delima is solved!

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>so my costume delima is solved! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> You put de lime in de coconut ....

    I'm sorry. <laughs>

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