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    Anyone else getting Pienza a LOT? It's been a rough guess-timate of 80 percent for me.

    I mean I had it 3 times in a row earlier. Day Night Day.

    It's an ok map, but enough is enough.
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    I get Pienza all the time and I HATE Pienza.
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    Me too. Day then night.
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    Yup same here. Getting tired of it.
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    Originally posted by xCr0wnedNorris:
    I get Pienza all the time and I HATE Pienza.
    Invite me to your party, I feel left out :P
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    I wish they would integrate MSM back in, people may not have liked it, but at least it was different. And yes, Pienza is up a ridiculous amount of the time.
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    I rarely get either Pienza :/
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    I thought it was just me. Although I have been getting Castel Gandolfo in between some of them which is my favourite map so I con't mind I figured that if you play Pienza Day in one match, then Pienza Night will be the next one.
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    It's annoying as hell. I don't rate Pienza that highly so it's very frustrating to get Pienza Day then Pienza Night then after Pienza Night have players leave so you get bumped into another lobby for...Pienza Day.... ARRRGGHHH.

    Pienza is the main reason I switch back to Project 1.0 a lot so I can at least play MSM.
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    pienza really me of its so big and awlays full of roofers....i only like small maps like venice,montonegrri,castel galfondo,san donato and siena but for some reason i hardly get them its awlays rome or pienza...

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