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Thread: Nowhere to redeem key.... what? | Forums

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    So, i've just been given a key, and i wanna redeem it...

    There's nowhere to do this...

    If you click the "VIP beta" picture thingy, it redirects you to the site that says that the beta has begun... great...

    So, anyone else experiencing the same? (well u kinda do you probably just haven't noticed it cause u haven't tried) anyway... some1 please get back to me quickly on this matter, im dying to try this out


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    Is it the steam key? Or one that says RUSE in it?

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    same here.. also have a key, but no where to put it. It's the one with RUSE in.

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    same here too.

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    Originally posted by Inquisitor_Zeal:
    Is it the steam key? Or one that says RUSE in it?
    That'll be the one with RUSE in it.

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    Thats because sign ups are over

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    Originally posted by Snrubnayrpk:
    Thats because sign ups are over
    If that's so...

    Why are the fansites giving out their KEYS, or sites like IncGamers, Gamerzine and fileplanet or whatever the 3rd site was...

    That'll render the keys useless which would make this whole point, useless.

    Please look into what's been posted before you post next time


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    Yes this is totally stupid, as the front page still says that different sites have keys, i got my RUSE prefixed one from Gamerzine and cant redeem. Surely this cant be the start of a game as big as RUSE?

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    Try reading the sticky at the top of the forums:

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    Originally posted by BTOG46:
    Try reading the sticky at the top of the forums:
    That sticky says nothing about the site not redirecting correctly, or anything about the keys given from other sites...


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