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    Please keep your questions coming here


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    how many different units will there be

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    They've said about 200 noah.

    Are units created on the map (a tank from a factory for example) or are they brought in as reinforcements??

    If they are created on the map, how are base building and technology trees being incorporated into the game. Is it like Command and Conquer games where you have to build this and that, research this, and upgrade that AND then you can build this unit OR something different??

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    Yeah! I'm glad this started.

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    The land of the Canucks (aka Canada)

    First is there a limit to how many we can ask?

    But anyways

    1) Is RUSE an Acronym? If so what does it stand for? (I dont frankly care, but it seems to be a common question for many people)

    2)This kind of goes off of N3V30's question 2 about the tech tree. Will we see specific tech for certain maps depending on the time that the battle would have taken place?(Certain units being available only on certain maps because of when they were first put into combat/ Production) For example would we see Jet fighters dog fighting in the skies of Africa even though they were not developed yet.

    3) Will we be able to issue voice commands like in Endwar?

    4) Is there a strong emphasis on a Rock Paper Scissor's Combat chain or is it much more based on, unit x is in cover, has the high ground and has flanked unit z so they are attacking its rear and therefore have the better advantage

    5) Will we see anysort of 'Super Weapons' like V1 or V2 rockets?

    6) How are the maps being recreated? Are the level designers using a program like GeoEye to get a general feel for what the areas look like (Even though it has likely changed since the war) or are they being made more from historical documents, maps, battle plans, overhead pictures taken from planes, etc. If its neither of the 2 how are you doing it?

    7) I dont know if you can answer this but what is the last faction We know that there is America, Russia, Germany, Italy, UK, but whats the last one? As in some interviews it says that there are 3 Allied teams and 3 Axis ones - and the obvious choice would then be Japan - but it has also been said that Ruse will take place only on the Western front which leaves Japan out. There have also been some articles that say france - yet they were apart of the allies so that would make it 4 Allies vs. 2 Axis

    8)What kind of multiplayer modes are there going to be? Will it be more Scrimaging (Team battles of people just attacking each other) and modes of taking a certain objective while the other defends/ both trying to get the same or different objectives(i think that would be cool) at the same time? Or is it something completely different? Like a giant campaign map

    Ill add more as i think of them

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    I would like to know whether RUSE is using a ballistics model for battles ala Supreme Commander or the more traditional RTS model of insta-hit with dice rolls?

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    Q) What RUSE's will be in the game?

    Q)How long will the campaign mode last?

    Q)How will the multiplayer function?

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    Will it have a TOW like Endwar

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    Will there be a Beta for RUSE ?

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    We have heard that infantry is better against tanks in urban areas. Is this due to a cover sytem or because of a stat bonus and is this applicable to forested areas?

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