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Thread: The link to download the UBISOFT GAME LAUNCHER Finally | Forums

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    am not able to login by using my U-play app. so unable to activate my new far cry 3 game plz help me

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    Hi and welcome to the forums, this is the HAWX forum.

    I suggest opening a ticket with Technical Support so they can take a look at your account, the link is in my signature.

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    please, i hope it's work

    please, i hope it's work.....pray

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    ubisoft loauncher

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris2Collins View Post
    OMG Finally After searching for this link for so long. I had so many problems trying to install this game and everyone would say just download the Ubisoft Game Launcher but would not supply a link to this. Well here is the link. After you install the game go to this site and install the link.

    page no longer available thanks

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    Question Cant find the application after instalation???????

    i followed the installation process but i cant find the application....what happened??????Please help

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    Thanks man

    Quote Originally Posted by "TomRambo View Post
    Trying to get update information to C:\Users\NATDDK~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ubi5283.tmp.
    Found update (Patch, all, all).
    Trying to download update file from Destination: C:\Users\NATDDK~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ubi53DB.tmp.e xe.
    Fatal download error (Connect failed).
    Deleting downloaded data.

    I have this problem, when I try to start the game. PLease help me. I try to start Ubisoft Game Launcher, and it says, it has a connection problem. I try to re-install the Ubisoft Game Launcher, but it does it still. Please tell me what i should do..."
    Thanks bro.

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    I have found a free download site, you can download korean songs from the site, try it out and wish it is helpful, cheers.

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    it works

    this really works it is downloaded but how do i go online in the game??????

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