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    any one know how to open the temple as I can't find a way to open the temple door or active the power icon I have collected enough light crystals to achive this please help i'm stuck
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    You don't have to open the temple door. Go back down to ground level.

    In front of the temple is the "map" mosaic on the ground. In front of this are four round floor plates: red, green, yellow, blue.

    Approach any plate and a cutscene will be triggered. After the cutscene, stand on top of the plate of your choice and mash the Elika button.

    You will automatically be teleported into the temple to test out your new power.

    Happy gaming!
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    I agree with you. Amazing information.
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    is there any updates for prince of persia warrior within. im having trouble with camera control. normal or inverted doesnt have any effect.
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    I saw this game first time in my friend home. He played it and say me play this and complete the round. I try to play amazing. prince of persia is very well to performance in game quality. I have to play and complete the round very enjoy to play this. Which intrusting part is warrior plan.This is complete package.So i like it.
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