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    wow!its massive. Also eb games said 50/50 getting the game mon. but will have forsure Tuesday. oh well its gonna take that long to look through this guide!!

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    actually, half is xbox/pc strategy guide, the other is gamecube, ps2. Technically, you only need half of it then, unless you'll be playin on multiple platforms

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    yap your right. just noticed that. its got some cool maps,art work in back, with plenty to read!

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    I would love to get the guide to hold me over til Tuesday but I end up ruining the story because I end up looking ahead. The only game I get the guide for is the Gran Theft Auto series.

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    i know im pretty much hang-n in the co-op section and check-n out the maps "they layed each level out into a map".

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    Necroposting like this is a serious No No. If this continues, you will be banned. This is your warning.


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    Originally posted by LoGiCaL_:
    Yeah i remember i when i got chaos theory the guy was trying to sell me the strat guide, saying your going to need some help, im like dude i dont need help, plus the strat guide would take the fun out of the game. So i bought it any way so the guy would shut his fat face up, and i just use it to correct my dog, of if someone plays pool, its the perfect thickness to keep the table even.
    if i was you logical i would use the scda cd for a laxative for your dog since its a piece of C R a P

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