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    It is an extremely difficult constraint to accomplish, but come on, you don't think the Developers would make the game a breeze did you?
    No but seriously the key is just to keep trying and when you fight the tanks, don't stop moving, keep hitting the fire button, even when it's not ready, this will boost reaction time by 100%, and whatever you do DO NOT attempt to shoot the explosive barrels, because more often than not you will get hit and fail the constraint.
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    Pretty much first time I did this I was thinking that I was never going to ever get 100% on this mission.

    Then it was my last one left and so i looked up a youtube vid and saw that you can just back up at the 2 tank part and shoot the one of the left without getting hit (he still aims, but doesn't shoot). I got it on my first try doing this.

    I thought the thief mission was the hardest...where it was hard enough to finish it on time let alone with 15 seconds left!
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    Here's a trick..... You can get 100% nearly every time w/ the tank providing you don't get shot by the cannons or the first tank in the begining.

    Once you come to the last point where there are two tanks coming at you, you back out of the arena until it says desyncronization is gonna take effect. Don't go too far or you will desync. Once your'e seeing all the white lines, and **** the tanks will aim but can't fire, you just unleash, destroy them and get the 100.

    ^this. just go in, shoot one from your maximum range, go JUST outside of the arena (white all) so it says desync is imminent, if you stay there.. it will come to you, aim at you, but it will NOT shoot you.. once the first tank is down, you go do the same with the other tank^^

    i also had alot of problems with this mission, until using this tact
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    strafe , strafe ,strafe
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    i had np doing it without it full sync on try #2...strafing is all u need to o...i shot the towers and immobile tank b4 it started, the other 2 tanks barely got off rounds..When they did, they missed BECAUSE I MOVED!
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    Thing is that they only miss when you strafe for the maximum warm-up time. So make sure you don't run into any debris and you're good.
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    The key is to just keep moving. Plus the tank in the middle that doesn't shoot, use it for cover. It worked for me.
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    This mission sucks $#!+ through a straw. I'm about 70% through the game and I want to get rid of the last two Leonardo War Machines before I get back to the story. This isn't fum anymore. Wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that once you fail the 100% sync, you have to go right back to the effin beginning with all the tedious sneaking and jumping about. I must have done this mission at least 25 times in the last 12 hours and lost a whole night's sleep. The moment the tank gets hit, I have to go to the menu and click "retry". That gets old real fast, especially when you're at the final stage and the two tanks come along an blow the cr@p out of you.

    The flying machine mission isn't all that great either. I'm not enjoying this anymore.
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    Take no damage is not a good criteria for 100% sync. This is especially true if it's a long mission. The fight near the start of the game with the madmen was bad enough -- someone always seems to get in one lucky shot, but you can restart the memory to the start of the fight. If they were using hard checkpoints instead of soft, it wouldn't be so bad -- just jump back to the previous point before you got hit.

    The best method for taking the 2 tanks at the end is to back almost to the point of desynchronization -- they wont actually shoot at you there. Cheap, I know, but the task is ridiculous anyway.
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    Hiding behind the white desynch curtain worked for me. After battling my way through to the final castle I drew out the two enemy tanks, popped behind the curtain where they wouldn't hit me and blew them to bits. After staying up until 6.00am trying to do this mission (and failing at the end each time) I checked Youtube for tips and finally got to bed at 6.30.
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