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    UK Forum Manager Emeritus kleaneasy's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Hi all

    Many of you have been reporting ongoing issues with the Uplay server reporting an unavailable error message when you try to access it.

    This issue is by no means universal and so we would like to try and establish some more specific information to help us isolate the problem.

    Could anyone who has experienced this issue either on a few occasions or ongoing please post below the following information...

    <UL TYPE=SQUARE>What location/ country are you trying to access the server from?

    What system are you playing on? (Xbox360 or PS3)[/list]

    Thank you in advance to all for taking a moment to provide this information

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    Junior Member kronex's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    Location: Elk Grove, CA, USA
    System: PS3 (over a fiber connection)

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    Country: Belgium
    System: PS3 (Wired connection)

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    Knoxville TN
    Hughes Net wtih & without router (linksys wrt300n)i get nothing (wired or wireless)

    Knoxville TN
    AT&T DSL running through netgear router logs in without a problem. Wired and wireless both log in

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    The Uplay server is not avalaible at this time. Please try again later.

    Country: Finland
    System: PS3

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    USA - New Jersey

    I was able to log on ONCE ever, when the game first came out in November.

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    Having trouble logging in as well

    Country: Ontario, Canada

    System: Xbox 360

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    Jan 2010
    Yeah i got that its rather annoying seeming i only signed up with this thing so iget exclusive content for assasins creed 2

    Western Australia Perth south

    Xbox #60 recurring

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    Jan 2010

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    As you already know... Florida/USA (PS3)... Ongoing since about 1/10. Before that I was able to access Uplay every time I tried.

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