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    ok, i think these features would be cool, so please consider them, as i think it would make fans a lot happier and would attract more people to the GR games, (not suggesting that the game isnt good, as it is )

    1. Blood - so you can see where somebody is hit.

    2. If you can't already - toggle on/off that outline thing.

    3. Medics - heal people or carry there dead bodies to a medic truck or something like that

    4. interiors - you could enter buildings to get, e.g , a better sniping spot.

    5. Since the game takes place in one giant city, the missions could be branching. Each portion of the city could have it's own objectives.
    When you complete a mission, that portion of the city is done, and it becomes a friendy Zone where you can re-arm and heal up for the next outing.
    You then have to fight your way to another part of the city which will trigger other missions.
    If you enter a mission triggering area from the north, that means your starting point is the north. The same thing goes for the south, east west, etc etc. You choose how to engage.
    Tasks in between missions could unlock stuff like the original GR. Maybe relieving U.N. troops or rescuing hostages etc etc.6. Perspective - Have third person view while moving, then when you are aiming, go into first person with weapon view, like in the trailers.

    Please consider these features, if not for GRAW, for a sequel..............Maybe???!

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    what does e. g. mean?

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    Originally posted by StrikerD:
    what does e. g. mean?
    For example.

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    how do u get e. g. from for example?

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    Originally posted by StrikerD:
    how do u get e. g. from for example?
    Top secret, son. That's why I use "ex.".

    Anyways, all those are good. Oh, and for PS3 aswell.

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    Originally posted by StrikerD:
    how do u get e. g. from for example?
    e.g. = exempli gratia (Latin)

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    If I may quote a line from Pulp Fiction.....

    ....."check out the big brain on cobaka".....

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    Common Latin terms: etc. (et cetera â€" and so forth), i.e. (id est â€" that is), e.g. (exempli gratia â€" for example), et al. (et alii â€" and others).

    The Latin Abbreviations i.e. and e.g.
    The Latin abbreviation i.e., which stands for id est, means that is, that is to say, or in other words. The letters e.g. stand for the Latin phrase exempli gratia, which means for example.

    Here are a few additional points to remember about these Latin abbreviations:

    *The letters within them are followed by periods and have no space between them.

    * Both expressions are followed by a comma when they are being used in their functionary role (i.e., not when they are being used as nouns, as phrases being spoken about, as in many places throughout this exercise).

    *In professional writing contexts, they should be used only in footnotes or parenthetically within the running text of a sentence (i.e., inside parentheses).

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    "check out the big brain on Angus"

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