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    Recently bought a wired Xbox 360 controller to use for this, and other games. Everything is fun until I attempt to shoot someone (either via RT or Y from Mark & Execute). The game locks up immediately after the shot makes contact. I can't do anything, can't even terminate the game via Task Manager. Only solution is to unplug the controller from the USB port, which allows the game to continue. Connecting the controller again is fine until I make another shot. Game works fine with Kb+M from what I can tell and the controller seems to work fine in another game I tested. Any solutions?

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    Well, I picked up a wired 360 controller and exactly the same thing happens to me... it'd be nice just to be able to play the game.
    Anyone found a fix for this?

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    I had some trouble with ****on configuration and a program called vibmod fixed that for me. With some tweaks of the settings it now works fine. Might be worth a try even though your problem is a bit different. The program doesn't just change the ****ons. It adds some help files to the splinter cell directory and you can do quite alot of tweaks.

    Heres a video:

    Though I should add that playing with controller isn't all that fun. Camera work is too slow and you can just forget about aiming properly.
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    Funnny how you can"t say B U T T o n Hey?
    Anyway... thanks Crypto I'll give it a go.... Maybe i can map my ps3 controller with this and try that out as well.

    I'm rubbish at the keyboard

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    Remember to start program in splinter cells ./src/system directory. When your done you should leave xinput1_3 and x360ce there.

    In x360ce file set FakeAPI=1
    With xbox controller also set Native=1
    Those are the steps I remember

    If problem persists you might wanna set native=0 and make some b_utton changes. ps3 isn't native controller so makes sense to set native=0 with that one. But fool around with settings and see what happens. Drivers can sometimes work in unexpected ways.

    Good Luck
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    Got hold of another controller and no probs.
    Looks like that one must have a dodgy trigger... live and learn hey.

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