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    Accessing the Shades of Darknes Expansion ???


    With some degree of trepidition I purchased the download version of the Shades of Darkness Expansion. I say trepidition becuase I have had so many problems with HoMM6 and trying to purchase DLC from Ubi.

    After payment was processed it gave a serial number and said the game would be available in the Uplay screen.

    When I restart uplay all I see is the game exactly as it was before (it was already called Shades of Darkness before I purchased the expansion today but none of the content was available). When I start the game there are no extra campaigns, missions or maps and the Stronghold faction is not available. There is no option to unlock anything.

    What do I need to do to activate the expansion content?

    PS: I tried running the 2.1 patch but it didnt work, error message -> "Cant apply patch because Might and Magic Heroes VI - Shades of Darkness is not yet installed"

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    Use the code you received with the download version of Shades of Darkness in the "unlock content" window in the game, that should make the expansion content available.
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