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Thread: The Assassins Creed Revelations server is not available at this time. | Forums

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    Actually, Revelations works fine for me, but I have this problem on Brotherhood. Just bought the game.

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    So is the multiplayer completely stopped working now because i have the same problem on my ps3

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    I have the same problem right now.

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    I can't find the support page and I'm a Xbox live person and my account is DsylexicLizard and I can't get on the multiplayer online becuase of this annoying message saying "the sever is not available at this time " for assassns creed revelations please help fix it so you can keep a customer for your future games.

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    same here. it keeps saying that the server is not avaidable at this time

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    same thing happening to me buddy

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    I'm seeing reports that the servers are back up now.

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    I dunno im still having the same problem. Its 8:30 AM on june 14

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    uplay blocked

    ihave the same problem but on tue AC 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frecklyguid2012 View Post
    ihave the same problem but on tue AC 2
    I am also having the same issues. I am trying to access UPlay from "Assassin's Creed 2" in-game, and I can't get past the UPlay splash screen. It always kicks me back to the AC2 menu. Please fix for us!!! I'm playing on Xbox 360. The exact message on the AC2 menu is:

    "We are experiencing some issues with UPLAY and are working to resolve them."
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