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    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 3- The next Ghost Recon game

    Hello fellow Ghost Recon enthusiasts. I'm here today to not talk about what's happened already but rather the future. GRAW3 must be made. Advanced Warfighter was the true essence of Ghost Recon. How can the creators of the game go from a true tactical shooter to FS? Many of you might claim money but money also lies in classics. People will flock to a new Advanced Warfighter game. With the rise of games like battle field and the dying of Call of duty there is most definitely a space. If you want a GRAW3 comment on this post and express why you want this game made.

    Ubisoft, if you're reading this think about what type of games and consumers you want. Do you want small children who will hop from game to game, or do you want loyal Ghost Recon fans as well as new fans who will love the true and classic Ghost Recon.

    Money lies in the classics.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Takedown is the game you want my bet it GRFS2 will be the next GR.

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    graw 1 and 2 were fun but the story has when to grfs mitchell is the guy barking orders to you in grfs i know the multiplayer isnt the greatest but it has brought more to offer then graw i play graw 1 2 and grfs and theres more of s player style to grfs then graw. on graw 1 and 2 the vets camp with m107's and pick off the R&Gers on grfs you have YOUR own play style

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    GRFS 2 or GRAW 2


    I write in french ^^

    j'aime beaucoup les jeux Ghost recon j'ai commencer par les plus ancien sur pc et ensuite GRAW 1 et 2 sur xbox 360 qui m'ont super plus ^^ et quand Ghost recon Futur soldier et sortie, il m'a un peu déçu mais le style est parfait, un manque d'armes mais sinon si il y aurait un GRAW 3 OU GRFS 2 je ferait comme GRFS je le réserverai en 1er et achèterai le pack édition limité ^^ car la vue pas dessus l'épaule et énorme le bruitage et les technique de couverture réaliste.

    Merci à vous,pour ces merveilleux jeux.

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    The "true essence" of GR is OGR or Island Thunder, not GRAW

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    bring bak the original ghost recon that first launched xbox live

    The first ghost was the best would love to have those old maps in multiplayer on xbox one. Jungle strike island thunder all of them redone re worked with the new cover system and the option to go first person or over the shoulder cams but the thig that sold ghost was realism, your player could blend in the bushes or even blend in the gras night vision maps where you cant adjust the brightnes you had to use nvg. Fs feels more like rainbow six on multiplayer. Maps are to small , and cluttered with obstacles. Need the fluency of moving like watch dogs . Where nothing gets inyour way or slows you down.. the stealth and sneakiness of splinter cell and bad *** melee and counter melee. Real guns that have true accuracy as they do in real life trigger sensitive, instead of laying on the trigger. Head shots are death by any wepon. Hold breat on kenect, you actually hold your breat for scoped weapons.camo that works. And the options to host all the game types from the original ghost recon to fs.and all the maps redone from ghost to fs. Last man standing, 2 squads on each team of 5 no robot **** thermal and night vision bullets penetrating through wall doors trees etc, make the new ghost the game of real players and competitors. No childish kiddy crap. Your losing your people to battlefield. And cod. But that would change if you brought back sim style games, cant wait for division Ihope it plays like futre soldier but heat seeking grenades is wack.and please tell me their is going to be zombies its just made to be the zombie storyline but like let pdead players from multiplayer spawn in as zombies til there is but one team left. Idk might be corny or be the biggest shock ever in gaming history, no one knew it was zombie apocalypse

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    Make GRAW 3! It will be huge.

    They gotta bring GRAW 2 on PS NOW on PS4 also

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    Quote Originally Posted by BringBackGraw View Post
    Make GRAW 3! It will be huge.

    They gotta bring GRAW 2 on PS NOW on PS4 also

    I doubt they will bring GRAW on either the PS4 or Xbox One unless they remaster them first and I don't see that happening

    They're bringing GRAW 2 back on but only on the Xbox One and you can play you Xbox 360 copy of GRAW 2 on the Xbox One
    Last edited by TheNerdGod; 08-06-2015 at 06:49 AM. Reason: I was wrong about GRAW 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aj6627 View Post
    The "true essence" of GR is OGR or Island Thunder, not GRAW
    Actually GRAW is the true essence of Ghost Recon it was 100X better then both OGR and Island Thunder

    And GRAW 2 takes it over all of the GR games to date

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    GRAW2 was my first XBOX 360 game. Also had it in my gamer tag since ROBZ was already taken. But once COD4 and Rainbow Six Vegas 1 was released barely played GRAW2.

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