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Thread: Ghost Recon : Advanced Warfighter Leaderboards Reset (XBOX 360) | Forums

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    Ghost Recon : Advanced Warfighter Leaderboards Reset (XBOX 360)


    So im going to drag up the question that seems to of been goirng around for years now without ever having a real solution.

    As we know GRAW was released on March 9th 2006 making the game 7 years, 6 months and 1 week old today.
    In the gaming industry it is ancient now but it is also by far one of the best shooter games a lot of people would of played.

    My question as you will know from the Title is about the leaderboards. After reading around it seems as though a lot of people feel they have been screwed over, myself included.

    So from my knowledge they have only been reset once? back in November 2010 which failed as it did not reset eveyone and left the climb to the top still a month long affair' of constant grinding. I myself had my console on for a week straight in an attempt to get those three achievements at that time.. all for nothing and almost zero communication from Ubisoft..
    There was a lot of fall out from fans over this but yet Ubisoft seems to of just tried to push it under the carpet and think everyone will forget about it and that there would never be another reset.

    I am confused as I expect many people are as to how resetting a leaderboard can be that tricky? Is it not simply just a case of wiping the data stored on a dusty server somewhere which is more than likely a couple of minutes for someone who has the right access.

    I understand resetting leaderboards monthly (which is what most people would like) is not an option although it is something that would be easily set up with a small piece of coding.

    How about another solution?

    Everytime you release a big title for example Assassins Creed. Give those people who can't afford to spend £40-£50 on a brand new game something to go on and play a classic and get those achievements?

    Anyway im going to add in a Poll to see what people feedback is even though I know this will go unnoticed by anyone at Ubisoft and more than likely the topic will be ignored forever.

    Thanks and I hope someone takes notice.

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    First off, wrong forum. Secondly, why do you care about the leader board of a 7 year old game, when no more than 500 people even play anymore? When I played GRAW2 I don't remember ever seeing a leader board, and they never listed K/D R's, total game wins, or any other stat. Honestly, if you are playing the same game after 7 years, is "Grinding" it out for a month really that long of a time?

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    Hi, I have moved your thread to correct forum.

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    Hey all,

    So I have given this thread a little bit longer than your normal poll, around 3 years and 1 month now.

    I wanted to make sure I got a really good understanding of what people are thinking on this topic :P

    You are probably wondering what that little annoying thing in the back of your head is... that's right... it's the reset of these leaderboards.

    I think it has been summed up pretty convincingly with a 66.67% majority that people are in favour of quarterly resets now.

    I really do not want to think I have wasted the last 6 years waiting on this little gem

    If it's a no, I will be back in another 3 years to make my point again :P

    Is this something we can make happen?

    Lots of love,
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    Thanks and I like this post

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