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    I liked the game and the changes you made from AC 1 to now, but some things in AC2 that made me feel like I was playing Tomb raider you know the old Laura Croft game? The tomb challenges seem to lack in the atmosphere feel of the game and I know you added that so people didn't feel like they were burning through the game. Maybe move away from that toward sequences that you have to track down thieves or people who have key items needed to solve puzzles instead of all this climbing around spelunking. Also things I would have added to make the game abit more realistic its hiding behind say bushes or corners to take out npcs even being able to single pull a guard through means of distraction. One of the main reasons I liked AC1 the most over AC2 was being able to 1. Go back and do sequences anytime I liked instead of starting a new game and 2. Being able to kill civilians anytime I wanted to say become the villian. Hopefully you will bring back those 2 features even maybe add it back to AC2 in a patch. Another tning I would add is less cinematic cut scenes not that i don't enjoy them but after awhile it become annoying. More interaction with civilians heck I like side quests there is a whole lot more I would add, but atm I am pretty much wall of texting so here's hoping for improvments to AC
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    The proper place to email these suggestions is Ubisoft Support site. Thiis is a user to user form.
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    If I posted in the wrong forum I think Ubisoft moderators can make those adjustments

    Also I work in a similar business trust me emailing suggesting usually end up in spam folders and deleted
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    Please try posting in one of the Feedback/Wishlist Threads.

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