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    This thread will contain links to the the utilities and tools generally used by those in the IL-2 Movie/Machinima community.

    If anyone knows of any other tools, please post them here. Or if you have links to tutorials as to how to use these programs, etc, or achieve certain colour effects, or whatever, then post them here too please!

    Thank you, now get posting!!
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    Links posted by 310th Falcon:

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">VirtualDub websites:</span>
    Filters for VirtualDub
    More Filters

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Fraps Website:</span>


    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">GunCam:</span>

    Growler software

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">GameCam:</span>

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Motion Sketching:</span>

    Adobe After Effects-Tutorials

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Moviemaker 2 Website:</span>

    MovieMakers Forums, Tips

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Codecs</span>

    Xvid Codecs
    H.264 Encoder V2 Advanced Video codec
    HuffyUV "Lossless" Video Codec

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Mouse Emulator:</span>

    RH Designs

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Sound Recorders/Editors:</span>

    Absolute MP3 Recorder 1.0

    Audacity open Source Software
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    Originally posted by GL2:
    This forum has long needed an FAQ thread for new filmmakers and visitors. Here's an attempt to answer some of the most common questions.

    This is a forum dedicated to “machinima” (see next topic) that uses the Pacific Fighters game as its primary graphics engine for making films.

    Machinima ("machine" + "cinema") is filmmaking that uses video recorded from one or more computer games (such as Pacific Fighters) as the raw video for making a film. The filmmaker sets up scenes while playing the game and “captures” (records) the game’s video using special software. He later edits that video to create a film. The more sophisticated machinima films have music, dialogue and even special effects that go beyond what is available in the game itself. Filmmakers make these movies available to the public through download links that allow others to enjoy their creations.

    The links to many films can be found right here in this forum. When filmmakers create a new film, they start a new thread and post a download link. Unfortunately, those threads tend to get lost over time, and some of the links become inactive. However, there is a library of download links to some of this community’s films at the NetWings site. You can find them here:

    If you’re interested, you can find machinima films that have been created by people outside this community at this link:

    Film lengths vary greatly. The shorter films tend to be around five minutes long, and the longer films are 20+ minutes long. File sizes vary just as much and depend on the length of the film and the level of compression used by the filmmaker. File sizes range from around 5MB to well over 100MB.

    The film community at this site has created over six hundred films, and that number is always growing. There are other machinima communities that use other computer games as their primary graphics engine, so the total number of machinima films is unknown.

    Most films can be viewed with the Windows Media Player, however, many films require you to have either the DivX or XviD codecs downloaded on your hard drive. You can download those codecs here:

    The quality of films produced in this community varies, just as it does in Hollywood. Look for movie threads in this forum with high ratings (indicated by the number of yellow check marks to the side of the thread) to find some of the better examples. Unfortunately, there are no active links to many of the best films this community has produced over the last few years.

    The following are quality films that are available at and have generated some excitement among fans. Please note, I have not seen even most of the films at, and many of the best films made are not available there. If a film is not listed here don't assume the film is not good. Consider this just the tip of the iceberg to help you get started.

    Last Man Standing
    Purple Heart Alley

    If you've heard of a film you'd like to see but can't find a link, post a request for the film here. Someone might be able to email it to you using

    The best way to start is by clicking on the “Dart’s Filmmaking Tutorial” link in my signature block at the bottom of this post. There are also a few tutorials available at the Machinima Movie Theater Web site (see the other link in my signature block). has some tutorials, as well. Finally, you can post questions about filmmaking right here in the Movie Makers Forum.
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    As I am head of the music department in the CFP I though it might be of interest to you if I posted links to the utilities I am using to create and score the soundtrack for the up and coming film "Faith Hope and Charity".

    Audio Voice Recording.


    Audio Processing.

    Sony Sound Forge

    Music Production and Mixing.

    Host application for all the VSTi and DXi plugin instruments.


    Orchestral VSTi Applications.

    Garriton Personal Orchestra

    EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition

    Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices

    Final Mixing of the Films Sound Track.

    Sony Acid Pro 5.0

    Oh, and the most important element, My Keyboard.

    Evoloution MK-461C

    Non of these are free unfortunatly but most have demos you can download and use for a limited period.

    Anyone who has ever done any music on a PC will know that you need a host application for all the plugins you aquire, for us this host is FL Studio, for others its Cubase, and there are others.

    For the VSTi Plugins and information on those currently available the best site for resources is this...

    Many are free, and most of the free ones work quite well as rudimentary instruments. Of course unless you have a host application like FL Studio non will be of any use to you.

    Here is a quick little Demo I created using this stuff so you can hear what the results are.

    Demo Sound Clip

    This is just a short sound byte and not processed completly but it gives you an idea of whats possible.

    Of course if you get real good at this then you can produce stuff like this....

    Demo Sound Clip 2

    Who would ever believe this was made using ONLY the stuff I posted above and a small home PC. You would think it was from a major hollywood production.

    So there is an invitation to all you budding artists out there, Make the soundtrack yourself
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    Sites for Free Sound FX...

    Some good Aircraft and gun samples.


    GRSites Absoloute sound FX

    An excellent selection...

    Partners In Rhyme Sound FX


    Private site with a few souind FX...

    Guys own site.

    A Usefull Sound search engine.


    A pro site with many free demo sound Fx and links to a load of professional studios.

    There should be enough to keep you all going for a while there
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    The two links in my sig block have tutorials for new filmmakers.

    Dart's filmmaking tutorial should be your first stop when learning how to make a movie of your own.

    The Machinima Movie Theater link has additional tutorials in the Public Areas forums. One tutorial, called Filmmaking 101, is designed for people starting out. Read it after reading Dart's. Also, the Silver Screen forums at that same site contain critiques of IL-2 films. It's worth studying what other filmmakers have done.

    Learn how to make your own IL-2 movies here: Dart's Filmmaking Tutorial and Machinima Movie Theatre

    Download the film "Faith, Hope and C
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    RESEARCH <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">DIVE</span> Digital Interactive Video Exploration and Reflection

    Tools]]Tools for "VJ's" I tried some of the downloads but links werent working. If I get anything interesting I.ll come with an update.
    HOLOGRAM & 3D video HOLOGRAM is a "TrackIR" substitute through your webcam ,when I tried it in FB I found it jerky to say the least, but I only had 256meg of ram then, now the Demo's expired so I'll try reinstall it. Oh and talking of Demos.............

    More Pics here
    just a note to say that the downloads I tried from the first site appear to be Japanese or worse (filenames "????????.??? etc" so wouldnt advise a download at this point, although good for reference. Don_X
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    Hi Guys, for those who would like more control Virtualstage is a great tool. please have a try of the demo.

    Let me know ur thoughts?

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    i try fastcap. useful on making opengl and directx games. can compress the movie (both audio and video) during recording. if need, i pause fastcap on not capturing the redundant parts(like scissors?)
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    Well I found something new today and I thought it might be usefull for moviemakers
    It's called D3DGear and it's basically like FRAPS(it's trial too ) but I think it might have more options. Anyway more info and download here:
    Yes I'm that 'ol Luftwhiner and darn proud of it too.
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