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    really want to get a r600 but just heard they've been pushed back yet again unitl q2 sometime and i don't know if i can be arsed to wait for that so might buy a 8800gts instead.

    been reading this forum for a while and are well aware of all the compliants about the 8800 series not working thou is there now a way round this?

    still only on the first few levels my 6800gs can't handle it (**** res and still low frame rate) so waiting to play on a better card.

    ultimately will the 8800 actually allow me to play this game (on xp sp2)?

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    some say it works with the newest drivers
    u can try it but its risky and if i dosnt work its a waist of money

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    yeah thats what im thinking... any thoughts or experiences from anyone else?

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    I have the latest drivers for my 8800GTS.

    crashed to desktop right after i ran the game.

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    I installed guru3d drivers and did the -II to the shortcut>Im almost done with the game and have only had a few crashes to desktop, not enough to make me angry at it.(yet)

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    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU OWN A 8800! Its a waist of money my friend. Its just not going to work for you and then your gonna go online and try to fix it but chances are it wont work. Ive tried everything from the "-ll" thing. Never worked. To the different Drivers. We pay the money so we can TRY AND FIGURE out how to play a game. Its stupid. ubisoft fix this game!

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    How come nobody can spell 'waste' here ?

    'Waist' is the part on your body that you fasten your belt around.

    Anyway, what does the '-II' thing signify ?

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    good observation...

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    I wish i would have read this forum before i wasted 40.00. I am running dual 8800 gts's in sli on An asus a8n32 mb w/ fx60 cpu and 2 gig of corsair twin x. Great for every other game in the WORLD but this one... Just got done playing Might and magic dark messiah, game ran beautifully, thought this would too. now i know why they gave MM: DM away with my G card. Only game they probable got to play on it! lol Please fix Ubi, dont want to lose faith in the quality of your games!

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    now the proud owner of a 8800gts it rules.

    originally i couldnt get this to work with DA (wouldn't even load...) how got it working and looks beautiful. used the -LL trick on the short cut.

    running at max settings at 1680 x 1050 using an ini hack.

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