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    Hello my fellow Templars/Assassins I am Overseer Jackal KristianNox. I have remade my clan thread for two reasons. One is that we're going cross-platform to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The other reason is we are trying to expand our gaming community. If you want to learn more about the Outcast Templars please post questions here. If you want to sign up, post the information listed below. We have a website for our clan, it's still low-tech but we are working on it.

    Information Required
    - platform
    - PSN ID/GamerTag/PC ID
    - timezone
    - mode of choice (one only!) to assist with squad placement

    How to join the Outcast Templars
    1. Post the above information in this thread, you will then be contacted to arrange step 2
    2. Join our clan website

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    Joining Outcast Templars makes you 20% cooler.

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    Joining brings you one step closer to Human.

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    Joining Outcast Templars makes you 20% cooler.
    wait.. im 20% cool now i feel awesome i never felt cool before

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    Chuck Noris...

    it's a templar thing.

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    Outcast Templars are srs bsns.

    One question though. Provided that I join the Outcast Templars as an ordinary member, would I also be able to run the Xbox division of the Borgia Rejects?

    Edit: Also, just a note, could you change the font for the small tagline at the top? Maybe like it was drawn in dark blue ink with a quill?

    I'd put "We were once Templars... But now we fight for another cause..."

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    Console: PS3
    GMT 0 (England)
    Chest capture it usted to be wanted but with the new assassinate wanted is dead.

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    Lol at the first 3 comments, by the way who made the banner? looks good.

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    Originally posted by StarScream391:
    Lol at the first 3 comments, by the way who made the banner? looks good.
    That would be me starscream, I also made this poster for our MLP Division.

    EDIT: fixed version

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    Shouldent it be ponyhood?

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