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    Hey guys,

    As soon as any of you find any updates online, please post some links. Thanks! I'm dying to know what they revealed at Comic-Con 2009!!

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    Good idea!
    Oh and I'm sure most of you already know but the main site is updated! :]

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    So there are 7 question marks in the characters section for a total of 20 characters. The real question is: do those seven include the two rabbids or not? If they don't, than that's great news because we'll have a huge chance of getting a lot of the characters on our list. If that is including the rabbids, that means there are five more characters to go.

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    Yay! There's a train level! And that's seperate from the western town. The wearhouse kind of looks dull to me but I'm liking what I see. I hope there are more, but I'm kinda thinking those 14 stages are it. I really wish they would have done a dino level and a level that's fighting in the middle of the streets on street level. These are still cool stages though.

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    20 characters!

    Not too shabby... not too shabby at all.

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    Yeah...I'm going to be extremely upset if two of those seven spots are stupid rabbids. Why the h*** would they waste their freakin' time on those stupid rabbids when they're "making a game for the fans"? The trailer says "fight everyone". If I can't fight 'everyone' and I see those stupid rabbids, then Ubisoft, when considering a 25 year TMNT anniversary, this game will turn out to be a major let-down. I just hope that they're trying to surprise us by adding more ? spots later.

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    Originally posted by FalconSuxNBrawl:
    20 characters!

    Not too shabby... not too shabby at all.
    And they're all unique, so technically it's a bigger roster than Melee if you take out all the clones :3 Also, I believe only one rabbid is in the game. I think the other one was just an alternate costume that wasn't incorporated into the demo so it ended up being two characters.

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    Is this video that shows the game has 20 characters on the Ubi website? I cant find it.

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    @Kooichi-kun: Yes, you're right. We're getting a pretty sweet deal here. No Pokemonz either ha!

    @jake_manutd: The tmntgame website shows 13 revealed characters (with character profiles and special moves) and 7 question marks, i.e. unrevealed characters.

    As far as we know, 1-2 of the question marks may be Rabbids.

    Also, the update on the website has revealed stages which all look VERY nice.

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