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    Hi guys!
    So as many of you know, I'm an assassinate junkie, but I've noticed a bug of some sort lately. It's really annoying and it's making me loose important points in kills.

    Here's the scenario;
    I walk up to a guy, I lock on to him and he exposes me. Fine, I think, but then comes this other guy and kills my target. Ok, so I'll just lock on to the guy killing my target, but here's where something goes wrong. When I change my target too quickly, I only get discreet on the new target aswell, although he didn't expose me.

    I have no idea if it's supposed to be like that, but I'm guessing no since there's no chance that he would have exposed me when he were in kill, and besides, the game didn't notify me by saying that he exposed me, the bar just starts at discreet when I lock on to him.

    This happens to me quite a lot, at least three times every match and it's really starting to tick me off since it's a loss of up to 750 points or more. So have this happened to any of you? Is there a way to go around this problem? Am I wrong, is it supposed to be like that?

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    Generally it's supposed to reset all the way back at Incognito when you get a new contract. Some people use that to their advantage. If they drop down in the detection meter. They'll clear their contract and quickly lock on again for an Incognito kill. The only time it should start out as discreet when you receive someone as a contract is if you've just stunned them.

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    Yes, I know that it's supposed to be like that, so it's just so weird that it's not. God I wish to just scream at UBI for leaving assassinate, heck even this game, in the shadow of ACR to rot. It's full of these nasty surprises that sucks in general.

    Oh and by the way, no one ever welcomed me to the forums.

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    I believe you had joined the Forums well before I assumed my welcoming duties.

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    I probably did, but I remember you greeting newcomers, but not me. It's not too late though!

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    ... 'Kay.

    Welcome to the Forums!

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