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    I have just got Endwar but well updating seem to be getting a driver error with windows 7

    error 1275

    i am running the game in admin mode but it had no effect

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    Well, this sounds like a 'Copy protection' driver error. It could also be because of incompatible drivers, installed on a 64 bit OS. Have you tried to install and update the Latest TAGES drivers ? Try it first:

    Which OS version are you using, 32/64 bit ? Do you have the Retail copy of this game ?


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    it was the tages drivers
    i downloaded the game from the link on this site
    downloading the latest drivers from the link you gave fixed it
    Thanks much

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    Thanks for replying. I'm glad to know that your problem has been solved.



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    Try to install all the drivers of the window 7. These would be good for you. And then install the endwar. Hope it would work it.

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