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    Does anyone know which 5 scenes? Do you know the similarity?

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    ok i figured it out with a guessing process.
    1:Atlanta & Hippomenes
    2:Judgement of Paris
    3:The Fall
    4:Idun and The Apples
    5:Hercules & Garden of Hesperides

    but can anyone tell me how they are similar

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    Those five paintings all have apples in them

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    Thanks for the help guys, I was totally stumped with that xD.

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    your welcome

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    It was weird how they put CORE and something else in red letters so I was like..." it a clue maybe?" turns out I guess it was , thought the video was kind of unsatisfying.

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    guys i figured out why there similar its because they all have apples in them (apple core) thats why core was in red letters ty to u tho becuase i didnt understand this either but when i checked em i found that out so ty

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    Wait until you get the one where the answer is sex... (at least that is what I got out of it)

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