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    Steam don't do refunds, and Im not happy with my purchase. It's a terrible port, un-playable becuase of no option to configure graphics.

    There's nothing wrong with my PC, all the latest games, Crysis 2, Fear 3, Alice all run fine and max settings.

    Had I purchased this from a store, it would be returned. So I would like a refund please and you can remove my account/game from my steam list.

    Also, this is the last time I pre-purchase a game from you.

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    Junior Member Ironali's Avatar
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    Hmm, If ParadiseDecayTM get's a refund, I'd also like one, and I'm sure a few of my other friends would be interested to.

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    Junior Member OrLoko's Avatar
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    I'm interested too, really un-playable, because no option configure graphics.

    Money Back or Update the game and FIX IT !

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    This game is disgusting wont even run and I have a power machine runs everything else but this pile of waste, yeah give me my money back Ubisoft

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    I also meet the system requirements (can play other recent games too) and the game is unplayable for me. Fix or MONEY BACK.

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    +1. Fraudulent company.

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    Mouse problems, texture bugs, no graphic settings, 30 fps cap, DRM... i mean, it's a cool game, but this... unbelievable!
    i really want that refund!
    and what the hell is going on with those game companies these days?!

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    I was more or less about to open a similar discussion ^^
    I just sent Steam a Mail, asking for a refund, simply because I did not get the game I was paying for. Can't hurt to ask for a refund here as well.
    I payed for a nicely done and well coded Indie-Game that would let me play "God" or at least God's Breath.
    Instead I get a cheaply done console port, with bad graphics, limited FPS, DRM and repetitive gameplay!! It is NOT a "God-Game" as many people claim. It is merely a "Arcade Dripping-Castle Sim"

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trollin' nor hatin'. I'm just angry that a game that sounded so promising and could have been a wonderful experience, was reduced to the pile of sorrow we see today.
    Dev's, what did you use the delay for when not for working on the PC-Version?

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    Hi guys,

    re the DRM - we are hoping to have an official statement soon.

    Those of you unhappy with the way the game is running on your system, please contact Support, to see if they can improve it - please make sure you have updated drivers and the game - there is an update available after install - before you contact them.

    If that is not the resolution your after, I'm sorry but one here on the forum will be able to deal with any refunds or personally answer individual complaints.

    If you contact the retailer - or if that's not an option, Ubisoft Support they can advise you further on the next stages you need to go through if you wish to pursue a refund.

    You can contact Support using the links in my signature below.

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    Thanks Mr_Shade for the quick reaction, at least there is some feedback in the forums.

    To be honest I don't think that a simple patch will suffice. The reviews of From Dust, that are now appearing online for the PC version are stating more or less the same: Brilliant Idea, very poor realization.
    A huge Patch or a complete overhaul is needed for the game to live up to its expectations.

    But once again, thanks for reacting on the forums (and I'm serious about that)

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