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    I have a Motorola H700 headset. I can hear other people, but they can't hear me. I know it works because I use it for regular voice commands & it's fine. I just can't figure out why others can't hear me in co-op games.

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    It would have nothing to do with this game. You need to contact Motorola.

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    Turn voice commands off so your teamates can hear you.

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    Originally posted by S0L0C0M:
    It would have nothing to do with this game. You need to contact Motorola.
    Why would it be a Motorola issue if it works with voice commands?

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    hes right, its not the bluetooth headset because it works elsewhere. id go with the other guys idea. see if that works, if it doesnt, contact ubi by phone.

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    Is anyone else using a bluetooth headset with HAWX? If so, what brand/model? And is it working properly? Can you hear & be heard?

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    I'm using the ps3 bluetooth. Last night while playing My buddy could hear me fine but when he would talk it sounded like he was underwater or something. Then another guy in the match I could hear fine but he couldn't hear me. I'm going to try the suggestion of turning off voice commands. It can't be related to the headset since it works fine in every other game I have.

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    That was my line of thinking, too. Does anyone know if there's a list of "approved" bluetooth headsets for use with PS3?

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    This is the one I use and I would have to assume it is approved

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