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    I finish the mission with full stealth, no alarm sounded. I and my only team mate comes to the helicopter, I get in, and team mate gets in, Rosen sites out side of the helicopter. I reloaded many quick saves and I really don't want to re do the mission. WHY won't he get in!?

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    Ok i got him in the hilo now and when i beat the mission,it does not say next mission, only return to menu......

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    Nice little bug you guys got going... Did you check to see if the new patch (1.02) fixes that bug?

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    Hey buddy i have the same problem, my teammate and rosen embark the heli, we all fly away, the C4 blows off and... nothing, i can't play the next mission, the sign "Next Mission" doesn't show up. I completed this mission 3 or even more times and stil nothing.

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    where can we get the patch??

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    Unfortunatelly, the patch doesn't help

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    I got the same problem, can´t continue to next mission

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    I wish there was a cheat to skip the level, i know the level so well now i beat it so fast!

    The patch does not help

    Im going to try it again this time leting them sound the alarm to see if it help or not

    If someone gets past this, cant they send me the game save?

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    no problem hommey but try playing with the alarm first. I also tried to reinstal the game, also didn't help

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    Ya the alarm makes no diff.

    Is there a way to send game saves?

    If so....PM me Please and I will send you my email addy.
    MOD EDIT Please dont put your email in public posts.

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