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Thread: Steam fish in 41/42 is this bad? | Forums

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    Its June 41 and Im still using all steam fish. Is this suisidel?

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    Originally posted by WilhelmSchulz.:
    Its June 41 and Im still using all steam fish. Is this suisidel?
    I like to use a mix. Night attacks I use steam. I don't dispense with the steam torps until the T3 shows up. That's when steam FaTs arrive so I still end up using steam.

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    I also mix... About 3:1 in favour of steam. Chances are that I meet merchants and then the steam is good enough. Electrics I tend to use against escorts and special attacks.

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    I tend to use the electric torpedos for ships that can stop or turn quickly and avoid them so even if they spot the fish its too late

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    I mostly use electric, but I keep 2 or 3 steams around because they have a longer range and are faster. I only use them at very close range or at night.

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    i love the t-1 torpedoe...yes it has faults..but i like the variable speed i run the type 9 boats..b-c"s i do most of my hunting at night..i very rarely use differnt loads..but i do keep all my acoustic torps for speical escorts that won't go away..

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    I'm sticking to Steam, mainly for reliability and range.
    Most of my attacks are at night so bubbles don't matter. And with the range of these torps, you be well down deep and gone, b4 any escort arrives.


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    you only really need electrics for hunting escorts, merchents are too slow to dodge steams

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    Nearly all steam, I keep a couple of electric around, but usually just use them because they are loaded, i prefer the steam due to the speed and range. Did bag a destroyer with an electric though.

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    I love steam fish for attacking merchants. Even at long range (and its rare that I ever attack beyond 1500m, 100% difficulty) Its too late by the time they see them. Also with the extra speed it makes a hit more likley at any range than with an electric. Less traval time means less time for your shot data to deteriorate before an impact.

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