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    Every time I try and start the editor, it loads the splash screen and then tries to open but quickly closes to desktop with no errors. Anyone have this problem?

    Can't believe the problems associated with this game at the moment. Took me around 2hrs just to get to play the damn thing. Searched the net with no luck on my issue. Steam version of Far Cry 2 by the way. Tried running as admin with no luck also..

    Qx9770 @ 4.0
    Mushkin RAM 1066
    Vista Ult. 64bit
    Samsung 25.5" T260HD @ 1920x1200

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    Oct 2008
    Yeah i got the same problem, i have the retail version.

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    I am Having the same problem I called Ubi Soft tech support and they told me they dont guarantee that the map editor will work. they dont know why its not working either.

    vista ultimate 64 bit

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    Oct 2008
    They better fix it.


    I use vista ultimat 64 bit to

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    Same problem here. I use vista 64 too.

    What drivers are you using for your gfx card?

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    180.42 Here. Not sure if its driver related or not. Seems like a background app issue. May try in Safe mode.

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    I tried the editor and it opened fine for me earlier today, when I clicked 'new map' it dumped back to desktop though. I just tried the editor again now and its behaving like your describe (loads, flashes and then disappears). I haven't changed a thing between those times.

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    ChaosFury231 go back to the 178.24 driver I had the same problem with the 180.42 driver. Once I went back it loaded up fine.

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    What graphics card do you have? A friend is running 180.42's with a 8800 GTS 320mb with no issues. Just wondering, trying to pin point the problem or w/e. Thanks for the idea though

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    Everything is working bugless for me.
    Really well build map editor that is easy enough for 5 year olds (being a source mapper I'm missing some freedome in terms of lighting and such but ye)
    Also for me the sp has been completely bug free atm

    (2,5 year old 7900 gt 256mb)

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