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    Well first of all i do get a session but these days there are very few players playing ACR mp as game is broken and is old so u can try sometime in the evening and u will be able to get some session and that medium activty thing that is some server related issue actually AC3 is out so malfunctions happen when u make patches and check on ur new servers.......
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    do you know what punctuation is, moron?
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    same problem
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    Same problem on the PC. ACR MP was working fine for me for about a month until 3 days ago. I haven't been able to connect to any round since then.
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    The only method to play I found was to create a private match and invite friends ... so lets add everyone.
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    having the same problem. I noticed on friday, since then i've only been able to connect to private sessions. Could anyone from ubi support please make a statement?
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    Originally Posted by chizzy12 Go to original post
    do you know what punctuation is, moron?
    Wat didnt u understand there? and im no punctuation geek writing stuff on the net with proper punctuation :/
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    i Thought i'm the only one... anyway ubi please while we waiting for the third game fix this issue
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    Yeah let's all add each other that's a good idea.
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    Whoa, then I'm not the only one. Cannot connect any sessions since a few days ago.
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