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    I was doing a berlin 45 k4 campaign, in the 28th mission (another one of many where squad was moving to another airfield because of land invasion) after everytime I had to refly it, on pressing "quit mission" the pc speaker would beep, but nothing strange apart than that happened. Well, after completing the mission (another beep on quit), and pressing to see the next, another pc speaker beep followed and the mission debriefing screen is empty, giving me no mission to do.
    After exiting the game, I opened dgenERROR.log and on it's line I can read "Cannot assign any town to Germany, 0 points".
    So, I go back to game and load my campaign, the mission screen is empty.
    So, is this the normal way for a campaign to end (including pc speaker beeps) when the war is lost? I'm pretty new to these dynamic campaigns altough I've had the game for very long, yet, I was having a ball!

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    Good question. On a BOE online campaign our squad finished not long ago, we figured the campaign was finished when it kept giving us the previous mission even though the host was pressing the "new" button. To think about it, I have never read in here exactly what happens at the end of dynamic campaigns. Bump.

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    A Buddist monk once managed to finish a dynamic campaign without a crash. He was rendered speechless and now lives somewhere in the Himalayas.

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    Well, in my campaign there's something that made sense, I guess Berlin surrendered in 2nd May. In my campaign I was at April 27th, so it's possible that at time there were no more airfields to move on to. But a pc speaker beep to assign the end of a campaign is a little weird

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    Just finished my first campaign - this is what it looks like

    I only flew 80 missions as I started it later on due to crashing in previous attempt and had campaignlength at various settings settled on long as best for myself.

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    Thanks, after that one I made another were in the 14th mission I returned home seriously wounded. I had also that dismissed info and 100% appeared in the campaign list too.
    I guess on the 45 berlin campaign there should be a trigger that automatically interrupts it when you are near 2nd May, overriding the natural mission generation due to land invasion. In that campaign I didn't get the 100%, but a simple 28 missions completed (last in 27th april).

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    Dgen is cr@p, its been broken since PF came out, dump it for a better generator like IL2DCG. I get simple errors just two or three mission in during a Normandie Niemen campaign, Dgen deletes my campaigns, Dgen created missions cause AI to literally nose down and fly into the ground once they reach their ground attack waypoint(eastern front). Its a piece of cr@p and I have spent my last attempt of campaigns with Dgen.

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