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    I am currently about halfway through Assassin's Creed 2 and thought it was time to start up Bloodlines. I started the game to make a save file, but only played up to the arrival on the island. I read that if you connect AC2 to Bloodlines, you can use the hidden blade upgrades in the psp game. However, when I enter the connectivity option in AC2, it tells me to connect a PSP to the PS3 via USB. My PSP IS connected to the PS3, it is plugged in via USB, and it is in USB mode, but yet the PS3 continues to display the same warning. Am I doing something wrong, or do you have to hit a certain point in both games before you can do this?
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    XelosUchiha, It sounds like you did everything correct, accept you don't have to go into USB mode. Use the steps listed below to connect the PSP and PS3 Assassins Creed games

    1. Turn on the PS3 and PSP
    2. Connect a USB cable from the PSP to the PS3(Do not go into USB mode).
    3. Start up Assassins Bloodlines
    4. Choose Continue
    5. Choose Upgrades
    6. Choose Connect (Bottom Left)
    7. From the AC2(PS3) Main menu Choose Extras
    8. Choose Connectivity
    9. Choose 'Yes' to synchronize
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    ohhh ok thanks! i looked around Bloodlines for a connection option and didn't see one, i didn't think to check the upgrades menu for the connection option. that fixed the problem, so for everyone else who has trouble, here's how to fix it!
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    i am having a similar problem. i followed all the steps correctly, but it never asks me to sync (step 9). the first time i tried i had never connected my psp to my ps3, so when it didnt work i registered my psp on my ps3 and then tried it again and it still didnt work.
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    Hi, im having similar problems trying to connect my psvita to ac2 its doesn't seem to recognise the vita's connection. I can get to step 8 in the instructions above, but then asks me to connect the psp via usb, which it already is... Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    I'm also having the issue were my PS Vita wont connect bloodlines is there any help?
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