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    Does anyone want to play some Far Cry 2, I've just got the game and haven't got to enjoy all multiplayer has to offer. The map editor is a pretty awesome feature for online play, so if anyone wants to check out makes or make some together that would be fun.

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    my online name is A_ROTTEN_CHEAT. I'm making maps as well so give me a message if u want to play

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    Message me - my PSN name is Sabotur.

    I kind of like FC2 - but watch I don't take your eye out close range with a M1903.

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    I wanna play FC2,but on which system are you on ?

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    im play for ps3 online!

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    No CD KEY

    I have the super hits version of far Cry 2 inside my disc box is my Far cry 2 disc and a 19 code serial key but when i login far cry 2 online play it tells me incorrect key

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