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    What about shattering your sword and your gun jams or something cool... duke it out for a back-up ?

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    Go to Q.A for questions

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    they have told you we are again in a few months to ask how many there are special moves. how many are there?????

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    Jul 2009
    I always tell newcomers to look at old threads and posts before they say something, and I agree it isn't the funniest thing to do in the world but you can atleast look at the post above! Go to Q.A for questions! How can everyone that comes to this forum miss that there is a thread that has that name?

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    should've done this as my first post. My name is Matt, and I've been following and heavily anticipating this game for a long time. I have great confidence this will be one the defining games of the Wii platform and be remembered as a great game for years to come. I think I can speak for all the fans in that we cannot wait any longer for this game to come out! Hurry it up Ubi!

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    Alright, the game's a day away here in the States by now. Just wanted to introduce myself a little more before release and all the newcomers

    My name is Jesse. I'm an azn traceur, and I've known about this game since August 2009 (I think), and have been following it up on the forum since January.

    Happy swordslinging!

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    DO YOU ALL REMEMBER <span class="ev_code_RED">RED STEEL</span> TO WAS A GOOD GAME AND THEN <span class="ev_code_RED">RED STEEL 2</span> CAME OUT AND I WANT TO BUY IT SO BAD LIKE <span class="ev_code_RED">RED STEEL</span> .JAMES BOND JAMES

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    I, StormKatana, hail from Finland.
    The name derives from my real name, which is derived from the Nord god "Thor", and also from me being a great fan of Red Steel 2 (and also the Storm-finisher, whenever I just manage to pull it off. Nothing feels better than a nice Sora-Katana in a Jackal gut early in the morning )
    So without further ado, I'm looking forward into some great community experiences around here.
    Hopefully I'll see ya all on the forums.

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    I completely love this game!!!!!

    Can anyone tell me what happens if you get all the sheriff stars? I've been looking on the net but could not find any answer to this question.

    Thanks in advance

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    A zombie mode for red steel 3 would be so good, first zombie mode to have swords!

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