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    There will undoubtedly be those disappointed that the Spies vs. Mercs mode isn’t returning but who knows, maybe that’ll be the eventual $10 DLC.

    So there it is, Faceoff is basicly Spy v.s Spy with A.I in map.

    Way to screw us UBISoft.

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    It's time to riot.

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    WTF? I dont have time to read it but i saw there modes, that were confirmed before.. there are a lot of threads about MP so i think, dont need to start another one! We dont know nothing about MP and this is coop, articles like that was there before and.. we will see maybe tomorrow!

    edit: OK its write at the end but till it isnt confirmed from UBI, i dont trust some " lame " page.. too soon to tell, like i said, tomorrow.. Russian merc skin and Elites skin are there for some reason, and i dont think that reason is coop XD

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    Those are only "confirmed" modes and they said they are realeasing stuf about multiplayer tomorrow

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    They basically have until 2.23.09 to include SvM. If they don't, I won't be buying (just because the game doesn't interest me enough without that mode)

    But I think it would be a worthwhile effort for Ubi to release a new rendition of SvM as a standalone multiplayer game, free-standing on its own.

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    I'm still waiting for the official confirmation from Ubisoft about the multiplayer,which should be tomorrow.Until then i won't trust other sites.

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    Some modes make sense to me. Hunter and Infiltration... even Last Stand makes sense. But the others have many questions around them such as their objective, the means in which it is achieved, and the like.

    Hopefully tomorrow will clear the smoke.

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    I think, that there WILL BE something like Versus...

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    and so ubi has ****ed us once more

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    I still have hope! until I hear it from ubisoft's mouth I won't believe it.

    Also if they do confirm SvsM I am sending that guy who wrote the article a shut the hell up email and stop trying to be the first person to report on Multiplayer.

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