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    Because the ubi launcher forums were done, and no one from ubi bothered informing us, I thought the problem might be on my end. So I re-installed the game launcher. It asked me for my cd key for SH5 again.. put it in and it tells me it's already in use. Help!

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    Hello tylerav8r,

    You have to use the same sign in name that you used when you got your Cd key.

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    Or if a hacker used your key then you just got shafted....I sent pictures of case key and all and the only thing Ubi would do for me is tell me to go buy ANOTHER copy of the game and try it....if it didnt work Id have to buy another one....hmmmm pattern here....

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    2010 Marius I bought the collectors editions.Play him. Yesterday I put the game again but stay in my mind what it stands at number command displays the name regisztráltam.A series that already responds in vain .Nobady abstentions nor .A UBI They are not interested in the player's problem that was the last time that game buy.Never more.
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    @ Keresztes1970,

    Edit your post and delete the e-mail address. Don't need to include that much info...

    Don't give up, there are two very satisfactory earlier versions: SH3 for U-Boats and SH4 for US fleet boats. Both have strong communities here that are willing to provide help and assistance. Forget SH5 and get an earlier version. It will be worth it.

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    Where to take CD-key to game sh5

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    Answered in other thread. Please do not repeat requests in multiple threads.


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    silent hunter 5 cd key

    hello i need some help this may seem like a question already asked but i just bought 5 off of amazon and my key has already been used plz help

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    Hi ehale2009, please contact technical support with proof of purchase. The link is in my signature.

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    Hello ehale2009

    Keys for this game can only be activated one time. After the initial activation, the key can never be used again. So, this problem is only caused by one of two things:

    1. If you previously activated the key and are being asked to enter it again because you are reinstalling the game, you are simply at the wrong login screen. Please follow the instructions in the following FAQ for assistance with getting to the correct login screen, where you can enter your Uplay account name and password:

    - If you still receive this error message after entering your Uplay account name and password, most likely you are logging in with the wrong account. Unfortunately, we cannot give account information out over the web for security reasons, so you will need to contact us directly One of our representatives will be able to verify the correct account information for you.

    2. If you purchased the game used or from an unauthorized retailer like eBay, the key most likely has already been used by another person. If this is the case, you will need to return the game to the retailer and exchange it for a new copy or ask for a refund.

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