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    Originally posted by rbuchner:
    thanks for all the input, guys...

    One more factor that I haven't thought before: I'm left handed.

    As I coul notice here, impossible to find a joystick that suits my needs...

    The logitec one, here, it would cost me not less than 90 dollars!

    I will keep looking...
    The saitek Evo is reversable for lefties! If you're in the states look here: , they have the evo for $15 u.s.!
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    Unfortunately, Im not in the States, Im in Brazil. And the store doesnt ship overseas.
    How much would it cost to send a package like this, from the states to Brazil? any estimate? or anywhere I could get that estimate?
    If anyone could help me, we maybe do this transaction via paypal. I send the money, someone buy it for me, and put in the mail to brazil.. But for this happen, I have to be sure that it would cost less for medoing this, than buying here...

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    Do a search for reports on the Logitech stick. Mine lasted 2 months before the potentiometers failed. I have just had to replace my Cyborg evo after 4 years of daily use. You can use wheel controller pedals as rudder pedals if you want to. Buy a second hand wheel if you can. Condition unimportant as long as the pedals work ok. Use your mouse to control view. This will give you a good budget setup.
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    I'm left handed.

    Never stopped me from flying with my right. If anything, it helps. Much easier to manage the keyboard with your good hand.

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    Originally posted by rbuchner:
    Unfortunately, Im not in the States, Im in Brazil. And the store doesnt ship overseas.
    Sounds like a business opportunity, perhaps you can talk a local store into it, if someone you
    don't know about yet hasn't already. You have a chance to be active or not.

    I had a friend in Sweden who longed for hot peppers or sauce. I mentioned that I got mine at
    Asian Grocery stores and when he checked, sure enough they were there in Sweden too. At that
    point the US had nothing he wanted and could not get at home!
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