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    Ubi open ur eyes ur terrain park blows and to tell u the truth im lookin more forward to do stunts at the terrain part then to just ride in the open mountains by the look of this forum a lot of ppl r so get it right look up how a terrain park is SUPOSE to be like and make the ajust ments i swear if i get this game and there r no langins for some sick booters and no kickrs to get on the rail and i can just hop onto a rail this is 2 ft higher than me i might reconsider this game and return it so open ur eyes and make this game a sweet realistic snowboarding game that b/c if u make it realistic more will want to snowboard i will garentee u that if u make it another SSX or amped which i myself hate so effin much u will lose ppl that wanna buy this game u will make ppl not wanna play it b/c they wanna do wat real ppl and pros do not jump on the chairlift line and ride that forever so fix the parks up a lot get some landings and make this the 1st realistic snowboarding game and get huge profit off of this ok thanks.
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    i second that
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    yo guys thanks for the feedback
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