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    Very nice.
    tnx guys.

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    I want to help make this, if you'll let me. I only speak English though...

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    Mirror for 0.11 (eng)
    (acceptable speed (unlike and you are not forced to download (unlike

    Screens containing all available ability icons (with inline images):
    1. Might (full - might hero, limited - magic hero)
    1.1. Paragon
    full limited
    1.2. Realm
    full limited
    1.3. Tactics
    full limited
    1.4. Warcries
    full limited
    1.5. Warfare
    full limited

    2. Magic (full - magic hero, limited - might hero)
    2.1. Air (Haven, Inferno, Sanctuary, Stronghold, Necropolis):
    full limited
    2.2. Fire (Haven, Inferno, Stronghold):
    full limited
    2.3. Earth (Haven, Inferno, Sanctuary, Stronghold, Necropolis):
    full limited
    2.4. Water (Sanctuary, Stronghold, Necropolis):
    full limited
    2.5. Light (Haven, Sanctuary, Stronghold):
    full limited
    2.6. Darkness (Inferno, Stronghold, Necropolis):
    full limited
    2.7. Prime (Haven, Inferno, Sanctuary, Necropolis):
    full limited

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    @ cossacking
    Thx! May be we use them.

    creatures abilities by alexrom66

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    nice work, thank you for taking the time to put this together.

    You have a great start on the retail game launch.


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    Well I don't know how helpful it is, but over one Heroes Community, there's a list of all the spells and skills (though without pictures, so it'll be a bit of a mix-and-match with some of the things).

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    English version 0.92


    ! Complete rework of Manual (updated with information from beta version 1.4.31451);
    ! Game mechanics (creatures/Heroes direct damage; abilities efficiency; experience tables etc.);
    ! Hyperlinks for all abilities/creatures/effect etc;

    + Summary Tables of Creatures (all creatures' stats in one place);
    + Creatures' abilities;
    + Heroes' abilities:
        Might and Magic (including Skill trees);
        Reputation abilities,
        Heroes' specializations,
        Heroic Strikes;
    + Faction abilities and Racial gauge (including gauge fill mechanics);
    + "Tavern" Heroes;
    + Artifacts (including artifact sets);
    + Town buildings;
    + Adventure map locations;
    + "Week of" effects;
    + Conflux (Online features):
        Dynasty levels/ranks,
        Dynasty Weapons,
        Dynasty Traits,
    + Hero Wheel (wheel of Hero classes) and reworked Heroes' classes descriptions;
    + Extended description of Haven faction (from official "new" Haven pdf);
    + Extended descriptions of Stronghold and Sanctuary factions (from exclusive "old" pdfs from Irina);
    + Artworks and descriptions of the Dragon Gods;
    + Some extra artworks;
    + Hotkeys;
    + Comic strip #4.

    ToDo for next versions:
    + More information and game mechanics;
    + Better visual presentation;
    + Bugfixes.

    Looking forward to your feeback and proposals!

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    Wow you guys are crazy, 263 pages! That's a great effort, thank you!

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    Great work!

    Suggestion: Make the manual more printer friendly by using a white background color.

    Looking forward to upcoming releases.

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    Keep up the good work guys! And thank you in advance.

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