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    basically I was thinkin it would be cool if HOMM franchise would add a create/edit a hero feat in the game. leaving a few empty "hero" spots and u get to choose a race (faction) create a face, appearance, name, history, one of the existing abbilities... that way u would actually play a campaign/anything else with your own creation... your thoughts ??? pro or anti ???

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    Yes, but only for scenarios and maybe buyable from tavern as an extra hero during campaign.

    It shouldn't replace the campaign's main hero.

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    There already will be in custom games. They said you can choose your gender and appearance etc so I imagine it will be fairly customisable over all.

    In the campaign however they said the characters would be fixed, I saw it in an official FAQ on another heroes site as answered by the devs.

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    nahh, its as always u can choose the race, the gender and whether its might or magic... i was talkin about making a hero from scratch - choose the race, abilities, create his/her face, hairstyle whatever, like u have the "create a character" or "create a player" mode in many other games... It can be made apart from the game and u just import the data, it kinda exists in many other games so its probably not that hard to do, IMO it kinda adds to the experiance of the game coz ur playing with someone u've made... doubt it will ever happen for homm but i thought it would be cool

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    I think that would just totally ruin the whole game. The worst idea I have ever heard.

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    1. just like map editor u can import the data, hence use it or not use it, your decision...

    2. why would it ruin the game anyways ?

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    That would be interesting, but I think several things can be complicated e.g. witch tipe hereo will be it should be a lot of heroes tipes if you want create a original hero. And don't talk about face and other stuf. May be not in homm 6, but in homm 7 you can see.

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    It should be best kept for multiplayer, to me sounds kinda needless and I won't be using it. Besides creating a hero out of nothing, feels like you create a hero outside the lore of the game, which is what turns me off the most and why I don't want it in SP. I would rather the devs spend their valuable time to create something more important like, I don't know, an RMG or more town buildings?

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    I really, really don't want heroes from scratch; part of the charm of Heroes has always been its cast of defined and definite characters. You know who you're facing and what you're up against.

    If people can make custom heroes with random abilities, a) it will be EXTREMELY difficult to regulate overpowered abilities if they do happen and B) it will be an issue because you will simply not know what you're facing.

    For example, in HIII, if I have Tazar and my opponent scouts my main hero, they know who he is and what he can do. But in a custom hero system, that hero could be anyone or do anything, which creates quite a bit of a problem; namely, you have no idea what you're facing.

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    It would be great if all heroes can have their in-game appearance modified according to the artifacts they equip. . . Ubi please make it happen. . . We want to see the in-game heroes wielding the flaming swords, magical breastplates, boots of speed, etc.

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