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    Ubisoft needs to address the drm issue officially. I have just started the game and found it astonishing but kept losing connection and then taken back to square one. With the increased price especially this is unacceptable. They need to issue a patch to remove this. I mostly play single-player games off-line and should not have to connect to a server to play the game. They need to make this right to re-establish a good rapport with pc gamers and possibly stop a lawsuit(I saw someone else suggested this on this forum). Please do the right thing.
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    "we ****ed up making the game the first time. So we scrapped everything and started over. To save some money, we fired 3 of our lead programmers and when to the local community college to pick up some guys who passed their Visual Basic 4 Information Technology class. Then we did a lot of coke and smack for 2 years. Then, we reskinned Double Agent, changed some of the walls around and charged $60 for it. Then I bought my new house and broke the closet door with my skateboard."
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