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    So, to get The serial Killer challenge done, you have to Play a session with every persona... I've played as everyone I have, including the Knight, Renegade, and the courtesan, but I haven't completed the challenge yet.
    Do I have to do something else? Does it mean that every persona needs to be in the game at the same time? Do I need all the bonus characters? or is it just broken?
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    the only people that I have not played as are the doctor and the 4 dlc characters coming out, and I don't have it either. I think it is taking into account all of those.
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    I really don't see why it would, it would make it impossible for those who can't buy DLC to get :/
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    I've played as every character including the doctor, and I don't have it.
    It's probably saved for the DLC.
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