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    How bad is the language on Assassins Creed? Do they use the "F" word?

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    I don't know, but I want to know why some people care if the game has words like f***, sh**...
    Here (Brazil) it's something vey usual to say this...

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    I am a father. I care about what my sons hear. I know they might hear those words in school, etc., but they don't have to hear it in my home.
    Thanks for the reply.

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    Oh, about sons. If they're children, I agree. I know about you concern, my fathers are like you.

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    Originally posted by bigedmcgilk:
    How bad is the language on Assassins Creed? Do they use the "F" word?

    Should you be buying you`re kids a M rated game if they are not allowed to hear the "F" word?

    One of the reasons it got a M was "Strong Language"

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    Big ed,

    I appreciate you taking the time out to care about what your kids are playing.

    I don't believe they use language like that in this game because of the time that most of the game is played in (the Crusades era) which was back before words like that came to exist.

    However, there are points in the game during the present day so I don't know if it happens during those scenes...

    This game is violent, though. There is blood and people die from sword wounds to every part of the body imaginable.

    Hope you make the right decision for your kids...

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    from what i have played, i would say like a pg-13 language.

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    My boys are 15 and 13.

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    heh. I'm 12 (7th grade) and I know by experince that if you don't know the F word by the time your 12 you probably don't go to school. The big probelm is that most parents still don't let their kids play games or watch movies that have the F word, even when their kids are 14 years old. My parents understand that and have no probelm with me watching movies like saving private ryan or playing gears of war as long as it dosnt affect me negatively, and I doubt they
    have. Personally I think the medias just using the explanation that video games are making kids more violent as an excuse to get a good story.For example, if one kid goes to school and beats a kid to death, the media points to video games like AC. The real probelm probably lies deep within the kids past. Mabye his parents abused him, mabye his childhood was horrible, who knows. Mabye video games had a small effect, but I play video games alot, I'm getting great grades, As far as I can tell I'm typing intelligent posts, and I having a great life.

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    Originally posted by bigedmcgilk:
    My boys are 15 and 13.
    It`s a 17+ age restriction so it`s really up to you!

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